What’s the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of Valentino? Those iconic rock-stud heels undoubtedly. Ever since the Italian luxury fashion house debuted their studded creation back in SS’13, the fashion world and famed street-style heroines have been embracing the return of the once-shunned kitten heel.

We have begun the transition out of the 6-inch-platforms era, to a world where it is now acceptable to wear sneakers in practically ANY social situation and as such, the infamous kitten heel is the perfect middle ground. Work-appropriate, comfortable and sporting interesting and creative designs, there’s a perfect balance between elegance and edge that can only be found in the modern day kitten heel.


Milan FWSS2014, Milan Fashionweek spring summer 2014, outside Etro, NAtalie Joos, Candela Novembre

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