I have to admit, I have never been one for statement earrings. In fact, accessorising in general has never been my forte. My idea of accessorising is wearing my Cartier Love Bracelet on rotation – which is bolted onto my wrist and requires a screwdriver to be removed.

Although it has taken me awhile to embrace one of the biggest jewellery trends to hit the Spring 2016 runways, I have recently come to appreciate the power of accessories for creating a uniquely styled outfit. Whether it’s exaggerated hoops or brightly clustered jewels, statement earrings are the perfect addition to any outfit for any occasion.

I recently teamed a pair of low-hung Chanel earrings with an evening dress and floor-length coat. Whilst both the earrings and the dress had quite a lot of detail, the smaller size of the earrings provided the perfect balance of contrasting patterns and textures.

Alternatively, if you’re wearing a simple LBD, perhaps consider a louder and heavier statement earring to add some interest and break up the dark black colouring.

For a more casual, day-to-day look, try pairing your boyfriend jeans and white tee with a brightly clustered pair of jewels.


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