With New Balance back and Nike’s of every kind imaginable, it’s fair to say the trophy trainers are here to stay.

Ever since Karl Lagerfeld kicked off the sporty-shoe revival back in 2014 when he paired his Chanel Couture dresses with embellished kicks, they’ve been riding high on most wish lists.

From a floral dress in the summertime or paired with a blazer and shirt for work, the styling possibilities are endless. And guess what? They’re affordable, chic and most of all – comfortable.

For SS16 trainers made a return to dominate the catwalk, with models at Tommy Hilfiger’s New York Fashion Week show walking in fun Caribbean-inspired pairs. The comfy shoe trend is showing no sign of slowing down either, with fashion front row veteran Victoria Beckham who once famously said “I can’t concentrate in flats”, is now seen sporting Stan Smith’s on the regular.

So whether you’re making the move to level ground or simply looking for comfort there is a sneaker for everyone -take a look at some of my favourite trainer styles.


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